Happy Soul Space

Happy Soul Space

Clearing & Healing
your Inner & Outer Spaces

” The Space to feel good, where you give yourself
the Permission and Foundation for a Happy Soul Space.”

Happy Soul Space*

* Everything has its Light-Measurement- Frequency- Vibe *

Having a higher Light Measurement, you attract higher Frequencies and make, have more positive Impacts and Outcomes.

With a low Light Measurement, the Attraction for more negative Energies is given and this can Impact Everything, from your Wellbeing State to your Health, your Home,    your Work, it affects all.

I offer my Services and Support to elevate your Energy,    clear what is blocking and disturbing you and help you improve your Health and your Well-being with my Skills   and Tools:

*Aromatherapy * Gold Treatments  *Professional Clearings * Healing Art * Art * 
* Creative Guidance* and Mentoring *

The First Step for feeling good starts with the Choice and Decision to want that to be so.

Once you have the desire to feel better, this implies making the Decision and to get to work, taking Action to change something, and get there.

* services *


My Services will help You, to raise and elevate your Energy, your Frequency your Light.

Will clear You, your Family, your Home, your working Place, your Land.

I can clear and un-block, align and center You and your Chakras at a very deep Level.

I can help you with the Maintenance of the Well being, of You, your Family, your Animals, your Home, increasing your Frequency, your Light, your Energy.

And you can discover the healing Powers of Creativity and Art in your Life.

Increasing your Energy Levels gives you the Foundation to handle, deal and face your Everyday in much more beneficial Ways improving your daily Life.  

The Treatments that I offer, are often in a Combination of them,

I can help you restore and empower, balance, and raise your Energy, your Light, and Frequency.

And clear what is interfearing negatively in your Energy and Space.

Being Multi- Cultural and speaking several Languages I do work internationally and offer my Services also in:

German, Spanish and English and do speak Italian and some French and perfect Schwyzerdütsch too.

In my work, I have helped  many Women, Men, Children, People with any sexual Orientation, Nationality, Sensitivities and Cultures.

All my Services are given from a Distance. This makes it easier and more comfortable for All.

Disclaimer: All my offered Services are non-Medical Treatments and do not re-place any Doctor, medical Treatments or Therapists. It is not replacing any intake of your Medications. I reserve the Right to not attend to everyone and refer to other Services or medical Assistances.

By Booking any of my Services you agree and accept and fully understand this .

* Aroma therapy *

Aromatherapy is an effective and fast Treatment and Method to remediate and help you emotionally, mentally and physically.

Fast and helpful at any needed Moment in your Life.

A Personal and Specific fast Aid at Hand when ever needed.

Aromatherapy is the therapeutic use of plant-derived, aromatic essential oils to promote physical and psychological well-being. It is sometimes used in combination with massage ( I do not offer  Massages) and other therapeutic techniques as part of a holistic treatment approach.

The use of Essential Oils through inhalation or direct application and diffusing promotes healing and well-being.


Purpose of Aromatherapy

Aromatherapy offers diverse physical and psychological Benefits. Some common medicinal properties of Essential Oils used in Aromatherapy include:

Analgesic, Antimicrobial, Antiseptic, Anti inflammatory,
Astringent, Sedative, Antispasmodic, Expectorant, Diuretic and Sedative.

Essential Oils are used to treat a wide range of Symptoms and Conditions, including, but not limited to, Gastrointestinal Discomfort, Skin Conditions, Menstrual pain and Irregularities, Stress-related Conditions, Mood Disorders, Circulatory Problems, Respiratory Infections, and Wounds. 

With the help of Essential Oils you can improve and help to raise and elevate your Energy and Mood instantly.

* Gold treatment *

A non-Medical Light Therapy

A Gold Treatment raises your Light- your Vibration- your Energy to the highest Light Measurement possible

* Everything is Energy *

Everything, including People, Animals, Homes, Businesses and Objects, has its own Signature Energy and Light Measurement. This can be measured and indicates the status or health of the Energy Field.

* I also give Treatments to  Animals.

This is a wonderful Energy Booster and promotes Instant- well-being.

* Gold Treatments can be purchased individually, or,in every Professional Clearing®, 1 Gold Treatment is included.

* Contact me to book your        Gold Treatment.

What does a Gold Treatment include:

Before a Gold Treatment, we do: an Anamnesis /Consult together via Phone or Chat.

* A before and after Light Measurement  is taken from the Person/ Home/ Pet/Animal/ Business / Business Name /  Raw and Vacant Land that receives a Gold Treatment.

* An thorough Analysis and Treatment of 12 different Dimensions and Planes and Cord Cutting when necessary.

* An thorough Analysis and Treatment of 16 different Chakras and Cord Cutting when necessary.

* Gold Treatments are an efficient Maintenance Tool in-between  Professional Clearings .

* To Maintain Optimal Light Measurement, Gold Treatments are recommended every two to three months.


I do offer Maintainment Packages.
Contact me for further Informations.

* Professional Clearer® *

I am a Certified Master Professional Clearer®

I have been professionally trained in a scientific, safe and proven Methodology that diagnoses, removes and remediates People and their Environments of dark Energies, which may be impacting their lives in a negative way.

I was Certified after the completion of a one year-long training program and am since 2019, a Certified Master Professional Clearer®.

I can clear:
You, your Family, your Space, Home, Business, Animals from all „the unseen“ negative Energies
and Blocks that are rubbing or sucking your Energy, which can impact your whole Life, your Health,
Serenity, Freedom, and even interfere with any Kind of Success.

What is a Professional Clearing

A Professional Clearing® is a thorough and exact Methodology of Energy Clearing founded and created by Althea Gray, Healer, and Founder of the Althea Gray’s International 
Institute for Professional Healers ®.

I am able to remove these ‘dark unseen Energies’ at a distance for Clients all over the World. The results can be felt within 24 hours. We tend to view the ‘unseen world’ as Viruses and Bacteria which can be seen through the powerful lens of a Microscope. There is another type of ‘unseen world’ that is as pervasive and is affecting people’s lives in a serious way causing Depression, Anxiety, Anger, Health Problems, Financial Problems, and simple ‘bad luck’. Few know how to resolve this problem, let alone diagnose or remediate them so that wholeness and vibrancy are restored.

In the past, we thought of this type of ‘unseen’ world’ as imaginary or material for scary movies. Today, it is the Subject of many serious Articles and has even made it way to the pages of Forbes Magazine. Many states in the USA have created legal Statutes that require a Seller to ‘Disclose’ Paranormal Activity in a Home to a prospective Buyer. Fortunately, a lot has changed over the years regarding the Awareness and the seriousness of this Matter.

More and more people are experiencing the effects of ‘dark unseen energies’; few are professionally trained to remove the unseen evasive forces successfully.

* How Are Professional clearings
performed *

* I require the Permission from all involved to perform
   a professional Clearing.

* Your Privacy is always respected. You contact me and I will
   give you more information on how to proceed.

* I reserve the Right of not giving a Treatment or
   Professional Clearing as I do Not accept every Case .

* All Professional Clearings® are made at a Distance which
   keeps all involved safe.

* I clear Homes, Land, People, and all Places from my Desk.

* There is no need to displace and it is a safe and proven 
   scientific Methodology with great Results, with
   evidence that it works.

* Art Healing
Healing Art *

What is Art Healing

I use my Art and Creativity to help my Clients to find their own Paths and Solutions.

Creativity and Curiosity give us the Flexibility and Ability to discover and create our own infinite Possibilities.

This Space can show you different Options and Possibilities, and offer you new Ways to improve your growth and co-create with all that is. Use for your own well-being and create yourself your favorite Life and become your best Version of Yourself.

I combine all my Knowledge, Skills and my Art, to help and assist you, to feel good and have your own Happy Soul Space where you can create, grow and raise .

“Feng-shuing” and “Up-Vibe-ing ” You and your Spaces.

Since 35 Years I have worked,  and lived as a Free-Artist and Creative as well as a Creative and Intuitive Guide and Mentor.
I am passionate about helping others to tune-in and to develop, cultivate and improve their own creativity and growth-Process.

Raise your Energy with my Art, Paintings, Pictures, Objects and asistance.

Creativity is the Basis for being able to Imagine and to co-create and find Solutions for anything in any Moment.


* Keep in Contact *