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Aroma therapy

For more than 25 Years i have worked with Aromatherapyand its Results. Aromatherapy is one of the oldest and fastest Therapies that has an instant-Impact and Results. I am a Certified Aromatherapist specialized in working holistically with the Emotional Field. The instant Results from the use of Essential Oils makes it a wonderful Tool and Remediation. Essential Oils can be used easily to get fast the needed Support psychologically, emotionally and physically, to feel better and improve your health.

Aroma Therapy helps you with your State of Mind, Focus, and helps with physical and emotional Pain. That is why I love to use and work with Essential Oils, and use them in combination with my other Services as  Great supportive Helpers.

The Benefits of Essential Oils are well known for Ages and in many Cultures such as Chinese, Egyptian, and later Romans, etc. The use in their medical and healing Practices is well known, being one of the oldest Medicines. Effectivity is the Proof of continued use in our current Times.

Get your Personal „Parfume“, Essential Oils Mixture. Experience this easy Giant- Little Helpers in your Treatments and daily Life.

Helping the Children to release Stress and Pressure of the Expectations to them, in a World in which the Kids Agendas were more packed than my own Agenda. The Impact and Results were instant, Teachers, Parents, and the Kids gave me great Feedback about the Kids in my Workshop.

The First Grade children were more balanced, happy, and apparently more interactive in Class and were more relaxed less stressed, And more creative.The hole Elementary School did present to me, at the Summer Fest at the end of the School year a Dance that they all learned together.It one of my best Presents ever to see all that happiness, Joy, and Love spreading over and over these Children. I did work and use Aromatherapy and Music to Support and uplift Life.

Parents, Kids, and Teachers did understand and notice fast, how Important it was the work and Space that I was offering and giving to and for the Children. Later on, I did talk to the Director of all Schools in Hamburg, Germany, and told him that we need to change this, that I did not know how, but that my work was necessary and Changes were really needed. 1 year later he called me and offered me to work in a „ difficult“ High school with more than 80% Foreigners, to work as an Art-Teacher with my Methodology using Aromatherapy and other Techniques.

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* How We proceed *

* You contact me first.

* We set an Appointment for your Anamnesis, have a
   Consult together via Phone, Chat ca.40 min.

* I will make you your Personal Perfume 
   Essential Oil Mixture for your Now Moment that will 
   Support and help you.

* For different needs like Sleeping Problems, Anxiety, Depression, ADS/ADHS, to Ground and Center and Calm You. To make you feel Good.

* I offer different Essential Oil Mixtures and Sprays to  Help, Support  and Protect You and your Home and Family,Working Space.

Since many Years I become wonderful Feedback for the great Results.
Using Combinations of the different Treatments that I offer, is my favorite Way to help.

For Example to help you with :

*Sleeping Problems *Anxiety *Depression *ADS/ADHS  *Support in the Process of Greef * and many other Issues

Get your Little- Giant Helpers for your Growth-Process and Personal work to assist you.

* I do when needed, different Mixtures to Help & Support you.