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Feng-shuing and Up-Vibe-ing You and your Spaces.
Since 35 Years I am working, using and living as a Free-Artist and a Creativity-Guide.
Helping others to tune-in into and develop, cultivate and improve their own Creativity.
You can raise your Energy with my Art, Paintings, Pictures and Objects and Mentoring and Creative-Guidance.

Creativity is the Basis for being able to Imagine, gives you the flexability and possibility to co-create,and find Solutions for anything.

Feng-shuing & Up-Vibe-ing your Spaces:

My Paintings have a Light Measurement of 1 Million
in the Bovis Bio-Meter-Chart.
Some of my Paintings and Pictures do reach Light
Measurements of more than 40 Million.

My Paintings are proven from my Clients and Art-Collectors, to improve the Energy -Frequency -Light of their Homes and Offices, their Families, Pets, Plants and People, Employes.

I do personalized channeled Paintings, Drawings, Objects .

Coming soon also my High Vibes * Gute Laune Products*

Reise Bilder * Travel Paintings

Reise Bilder are the Paintings ,Pictures and Drawings that you can take with you to feel good wherever you go.

They Improve beneficially the Energy of your Spaces.

From your Home, your Office, your working Place. And when you are travelling, Hotel rooms, Apartments or Vacation- Rental Places-Energy.

Which, Vice- Versa does improves your Energy.

Happy Soul Space * Goody Goodys

You can get your Reise-Bild, Travel-Panting and also get made your „Personal Perfume” Essential Oil Mixture, for your Now Moment.

All of my Products as also my Services, will support and assist you  as also raise your well- Being and Joy.                                 

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More Happy Soul Space Goodys© are coming, stay courious

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