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Buenos Dias

Buenos dias Darlingcitos* First is First: Here have some Cafetito with me there is so much going on at sooo many Levels my dearests, but

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Aromatherapy in School

  18 Years agoe, i was a Pioneer in starting to use Aroma-Therapy,  Essential Oils and Music in my Sons Elementary School.Helping the Children to

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* Something About Me *

My whole work and Skills are based on helping People, Animals and Places to feel good, happy and well.
When we are in the Frequency of Love and Joy, we are in a higher Vibration and feel good and centered and in their Energy.

From there on, you have a Foundation and the Ability and Space to make more beneficial Decisions, Choices and Changes  and can improve your State of Mind, Health and Well-being. It is our Human Birth-right to feel good and safe, protected and loved.That is how we are born into this World and our natural State. Suza*