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Gold Treatment

A Non-Medical Light Therapy

* Gold Treatment *


A Gold Treatment raises your Light- your Vibration – your Energy
to the highest Light Measurement possible.

It bases on that everything is Light, Energy, Frequency, Vibration=Energy and has a Light Measurement.

* Everything is Energy *

Everything has its own Signature and Light Measurement which can be measured and indicates how a Person’s State, Health, Field is.

Since 2018 I am a Gold Kit®, Gold Treatment Practitioner.
It is a Non-Medical Light Treatment healing Method founded by Althea Gray, a Healer based in New Mexico, USA. She comes from a long lineage of Healers from Nicaragua and has been in practice for more than 20 years.


They All mean the same Thing.                                     Everything is Light *Energy* Frequency* Vibes*
The Human Body and everything has their Electromagnetic response. Which does respond to Inner and Outer connections, influences, interactions.

Gold Treatments do increase the Amount of Light in the Individual and in the World.

This Treatment increases the:
Light- Energy- Vibration-Frequency
Within Persons, Animals, Homes, Businesses, Food, Hotel rooms.
It is a wonderful Energy Booster and promotes Instant- Well-being, as it does boost the Energy of Everyone and Everything to its highest Level possible

Elevating and increasing- improving the Amount of Light- Energy- Vibrations gives you the Capacity and Ability to face, deal better and handle anything in much more beneficial ways.

It opens the Space, to attract better Circumstances into your Life and to improve your Health and Life- Conditions.
It gives you the Ability to deal better and easier with the Every-Day.
It promotes healing.I have helped People to be able to have their needed Surgery, and after Surgery or Hospitalization to recover well.

I do have Special Offers for needed  Long- Term- Combinations of daily Treatments, ask me for more Information.

Gold Treatments do also help Dogs and Cats and Horses and Birds, well they help the whole Animal World. Stray Cats and Birds and even Horses at Distance do call me or come visit me when they have an Issue, so i can help them with my Treatments.

I do perform all my Treatments from Distance. It is a wonderful Method which facilitates, that you or your Pet, do not have to displace you. You are able in whatever Condition you are, to profit from my Treatments easily, effortllessly and comfortly from your Home or  from wherever you are.This is so important when you do not feel good.

In every Professional Clearing® is a Gold Treatment included.

What it does & Supports :

* Expands your consciousness
* Improves your Ability to respond positively to current Therapies
* Improve overall Health and Mental Wellness
* Improve your own Capacity to heal
* Promote Healing and good Health
* Improve the Ability to attract better Circumstances in your Life
* Improve the Ability to understand and utilize higher States of Consciousness
* Improve Sleep
* Improve Anxiety Disorders
* Achieve deeper States of Tranquility and Inner Peace
* Attracts Prosperity
* Increase Intuition
* Enhances Good Health & Well Being
* Deter negative Forces that may be robbing You and your Family the Energy,Light.

Who can receive & benefit from Gold Treatments:

* Children and Parents
* Elderly People
* Everyone that needs/wants more Energy
* After a Surgery, to be able to recover better
* After a Health Issue, to get stronger
* People in Hospice Care
* Animals, I do treat also Animals with wonderful Results
* Homes and Working Places
* Buildings and Land of all Kind
* Real Estate Manager, Broker and Rentals
* To be aligned and centred in Your Energy
* Garden, Plants, Trees
* Water & Food
* People that passed away

Low-Light Measurements can :

* Sustain Deseas
* Support physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual suffering
* Open the Door for Illness, physical or mental
* Blocks the Wellbeing
* Can provoke more incidents and accidents
* Can attract or call- in other lower Energies-Frequencies- Vibes
* Can attract dark Forces and oppress the Human Evolulution
* Can make you feel low
* Be not centered
* Be un-grounded
* Feel anxious even depressed
* Not advancing in your Goals, in your Life

Low Light Measurement can be raised to a higher more improving, beneficial, and healing State.