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Professional clearer®

For over 30 years, I have performed Energy Clearings for People, Work Places of TCM-Doctors, Naturopaths and Homeopaths, Offices, Bars and Restaurants, Musicians and Artists, Coaches, Teachers, and Homes. Using different Methods of Clearing and growing and learning from different Shamans and Tribes and Teachers along my Path, i came i did notice that i had to go deeper with my Clearing-Work as there where more Dimensions and Infestations that needed a deeper Clearing. Thats how i became an Professional Clearer® . A Professional Clearing® is a thorough and exact Methodology of Energy Clearing that does clear and remediate at many Levels and Dimensions.

I am able to remove these ‘dark unseen energies’ at a distance for clients all over the World. The results can be felt within 24 hours. We tend to view the ‘unseen world’ as viruses and bacteria which can be seen through the powerful lens of a Microscope. There is another type of ‘unseen world’ that is as pervasive and is affecting people’s lives in a serious way causing Depression, Anxiety, Anger, Health Problems, Financial Problems, and simple ‘bad luck. Few know how to resolve this problem, let alone diagnose or remediate them so that wholeness and vibrancy are restored. In the past, we thought of this type of ‘unseen’ world’ as imaginary or material for scary movies. Today, it is the Subject of many serious Articles and has even made it way to the pages of Forbes Magazine. Many states in the USA have created legal Statues that require a Seller to ‘Disclose’ Paranormal Activity in a Home to a prospective Buyer. Fortunately, a lot has changed over the years regarding the Awareness and the seriousness of this Matter. People are experiencing the effects of ‘dark unseen energies’; few are professionally trained to remove the seen evasive forces successfully.

My Life-long Experience and Path, with Energy and Clearings, brought me to deepen my work becoming an Certified Professional Clearer® in a 1 Year-long Program and Training. This Methodology was created by Althea Gray, Healer, and Founder of the Althea Gray’s International Institute for Professional Healers ®

Before and after every Clearing and Treatment the Light Measurement is taken.

*Lower Light Measurement (LM) attracts and sustains Health Issues, Disease and Dark Energies.
*A high Light Measurement (LM) is the support for a peaceful, calm, beneficial and supportive, healthy, and nourishing Foundation and Environment.

What is included a Professional Clearing® ?

* First a thorough Analysis of the Situation or Problem is conducted, and the Client receives, if desired, an explanation of the Analysis

* Removal of 30 Negative Energy Conditions on the detailed Analysis Sheet

* Cord Cutting for 16 different Chakras

* Cord Cutting of 12 different Dimensions, including the Higher Self

* Removal of Blocks from Old and New Time Lines

* Remediation with a Gold Treatment, raising the ‘Light’ Frequencies

Who needs a Professional Clearing® ?

* Everyone and Everything benefits from a                   Professional Clearing.

* Just as we do keep up our physical Hygiene and keep our Homes, working Places and Business clean, we need to keep our Energy Fields clean. The unseen negative Energy accumulation can affect us and interfere with our well-Being and Health.

*Keeping up Energy and Mental Hygiene is as
 important as keeping up physical and Home-cleaning.

* This is the way that we can understand and appreciate the need for a Professional Clearing®.

How is a Professional Clearing® performed:

* I require the Permission from all involved to perform a Professional Clearing.

*Your privacy is always respected. You Contact me and I will give  you more information on how to proceed.

* I reserve the Right of not giving a Treatment or 
  Professional Clearing as I do not accept every Case.

* All Professional Clearings® are made at a Distance which keeps all involved safe.

* I clear Homes, Land, People, and all Places from my Desk.

How Do These ‘Unseen Energies’ affect your Life

* Sadness
* Stressful
* Depression
* Bad Luck
* Lack of ‘Focus’
* Anger/Edginess
* Financial Losses
* Emotional Blocks
* Being Ungrounded
* Life seems to be against one
* Felling really deep and down
* Feeling not to belong, to be apart
* Difficulties in the everyday activities
* Headaches or feeling that Head pressure
* Being Exhausted, Stressed, and/or drained
* Not evolving with oneself nor with the Job or Tasks
* Mental Rehearsing of Painful Memories from the Past

* Health Problems
* Block Property Sales
* Slow down Addiction Recovery
* Having a Feeling/Sense of Dark
* Feeling Uncomfortable at Home
* Not feeling good in your own Skin
* Marital and Relationship Problems
* Can’t get things done’•‘Life on hold’
* Prone to More Accidents than Usual
* Having Nightmares and poor sleeping
* Aggravation of Mental Health Problems
* Employee difficulties in Work Environment
* Your Family Members, Co-Workers, Partner act

There is no need to displace and it is a safe and proven scientific Methodology with great Results, proving the evidence that it works.

Symptoms for Children and Young Adults:

* Mood swings
* Crying all the Time
* Over-eating or eating too little
* Sleeping  Difficulties
* Nightmares
* Aggressive
* Anxiety
* Being  all the time and with all overwhelmed
* Depression
* Un-grounded
* Fear-Full
* Overly Insecure and unhappy
* Cranky
* Overly Mean
* Having difficulties to concentrate or maintain Focus

Symptoms for Building:

* Feeling Uncomfortable
* Heaviness
* People arguing and fighting in the House or in the 
* Sticky Feeling
* Feeling that someone is watching you or that
   something is touching you
* Intense Energy at night
* Accumulation of strange or negative happenings
* Dense Energy
* Bad Luck
* You can not succeed
* Things do not work out as exposed more often
* Real Estate/ unable to sell
* Your Business doesn’t flow

It's Recommended For:

* People, Houses, Flats, Working Places, Raw-, Vacant Land, before buying, moving or selling a House or moving into a New Flat or Home, Pets, Jewelry or Things that are old and have soaked up ta negative Energy, everything  with a dark Force Infestation*

People that work with People and Animals like

* Sensitive People
* Coaches
* Health-care Helper
* Nurses
* Doctors
* Therapist of any Kind
* Psychologist
* Massagist
* Hospitals
* Schools
* Families
* Homes
* Businesses and their Workers
* Naturopaths and Homeopaths
* Teacher
* Restaurants
* Veterinaries
* Animal-supplies-Stores and Animal-Saloons
* Animals
* Social Worker
* Pharmacies and Healthcare-stores
* People with Chronic Illnesses
* Addicts

* Business Names, helps to improve the Business
* Empaths
* Mediums
* Astrologers
* Choreographers and Dancers
* Musicians and Artists of any Kind

People that live in Houses /Flats with dark Force infestation

Before and after every Clearing and Treatment the Light Measurement is taken.

Lower Light Measurement (LM) attracts and sustains  Health Issues, Disease, Dark Energies.

A high Light Measurement is the basis for a peaceful, calm, beneficial and supportive, healthy, and nourishing Foundationn and Enviroment.