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Buenos Dias

Buenos dias Darlingcitos* First is First: Here have some Cafetito with me there is so much going on at sooo many Levels my dearests, but as hard and crazy and su-real this all is, only when al gets shaken upside-down and turna-round and brings us as a Society into our Knees and Limits, we will be, or start to Change what has to be changed.  As Things need a new and re-newed framing and a new Version that works better, works awsome and includes ALL. The old Ways , old Versions, old Systems that already didnt fit, nor worked well for this Times, have to be changed into adecuate and fitting true and more- supportive and inclusive new ways and Systems that do work and support EVERYONE, not only the “previlaged ” Few Ones. But this is work, and needs “comes- togethers” of differnet Points of View, interactiv co-creation and Dialog and include all of our so impotrtant Diversities.Yes, Diversity does not mean automatically that being different or othe Points of View are “bad” or not good ! Maybe our old ways of Perception and teached and learned ways to see, to descerne need a re-pair and new points of view and new Thoughts and more opened Hearts to realize that No One is better than the Other, deserves less, no matter what Race, Color,  Age, Sexuality, Beliefs. I see our Diversity as a big reward and enrichment for All and a Chance and Treasure of and for the Human- Kind. My prayers are with all the ones that are innocent Peons that are sacrificed in the Name of “First Class-High Society, in a Firstclass world Game from a few. I know that some of my Posts are not easy for some, but this is me and i will not let to be this way* You can have a Good Saturday and Coffee with me and share your Opinion and Love. But i will never be quiet or look away from other Realities that we do play- in as Humans and as a Society. Take good care of you Darlingcitos as the Astros and this Times are pretty harsh. Tonns of Love and Health and Stamina, Patience and Humor for you All to surf this Times the Best possible *Love you💗Suza*