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Aromatherapy in School

18 Years agoe, i was a Pioneer in starting to use Aroma-Therapy,  Essential Oils and Music in my Sons Elementary School.Helping the Children to Release Stress and Pressure of the Expectations to them, in a World that the Kids Agendas were more packed than my own Agenda.The Impact and Results were instant, Teachers, Parents, and the Kids gave me great Feedback about the Kids in my Workshop.The First Grade children were more balanced, happy, and apparently more interactive in Class and were more relaxed less stressed, And more creative.The hole Elementary School did present to me, at the Summer Fest at the end of the School year a Dance that they all learned together.It one of my best Presents ever to see all that happiness, Joy, and Love spreading over and over these Children. I did work and use Aromatherapy and Music to Support and uplift Life.

Parents, Kids, and Teachers did understand and notice fast, how Important it was the work and Space that I was offering and giving to and for the Children. Later on, I did talk to the Director of all Schools in Hamburg, Germany, and told him that we need to change this, that I did not know how, but that my work was necessary and Changes were really needed. 1 year later he called me and offered me to work in a „ difficult“ High school with more than 80% Foreigners, to work as an Art-Teacher with my Methodology using Aromatherapy and other Techniques.

Being a Foreigner by my Own, I realized that a deep heart wish that I did not know I had, just was about to be fulfilled.

I accepted.So with the Years, i  often  was a living Model, showing and offering others to watch and learn that there are millions of different ways to be and live a Life. Showing that Diversity is important and that it is absolutely ok and necessary to be oneself authentically, exactly as one is.

Also, I am living proof that it is possible for each and everyone to make contributions with our own Essence/Being and  Spread happiness and Joy. My Services do improve the state of mind and impact the well-being. I am working and helping for so many Years with success helping People and Animals, Institutions, Businesses, Communities to uplift their Vibes and lives.

Happy Soul Space*